Performance Ranking of New Sainik Schools Feb24

New Sainik School’s are new undertaking of Sainik School Society (under MoD) under public private partnership with reputed schools/NGO’s/State governments. Today, we will share in detail with our student’s & prospective parents a report titled ‘Assessment report of New Sainik Schools’ for October & November 2023 obtained from trusted sources. Continue reading our report on Ranking of New Sainik Schools. Get the list of recently approved new Sainik Schools here.

To educate our readers, according to new Sainik School affiliation by-laws, each approved school is allotted the title of new Sainik School for an initial period of two years; post which there will be a review/appraisel by competent authority on predefined parameters. Only Success in these parameters will ensure an approved school’s continued existence as a new Sainik School.

Continuing Approval: The school once approved will be required to adhere to the norms laid down under the qualifying requirement. These schools may be inspected by an authority authorised by the SSS for ensuring adherence to Rules & Regulations for New Sainik Schools in partnership mode. After two years from the
date of approval of the first school
, the overall outcomes of the first phase will be reviewed. Continuation beyond two years will be incumbent upon outcome of first review.
New Sainik School approval letter

List of Top New Sainik Schools in India

Recently, an extensive performance appraisal was conducted for all new Sainik Schools on various parameters/metrics. Following table contains List of Top New Sainik Schools in India (Feb 2024) based on this evaluation.

Performance RankName of New Sainik SchoolMarks Oct23Marks Nov23Average Marks
1Royal International Residential School100100100
2Raj Luxmi Samvid Gurukulam10099.599.8
3Adani World School8195.588.3
4Shri Baba Mastnath Residential Public School9277.584.8
5Tawang Public School84.584.584.5
6Vedavyasa Vidyalaya senior secondary School84.58383.8
7Padmashri Dr. Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil Sainik School9263.577.8
8Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Military Academy936277.5
9Dayanand Public School77.573.575.5
10SK International School9536.565.8
11Saraswati Vidya Mandir Higher Secondary School824061
12Banas Sainik School85.53057.8
13Viveka School of Excellence4665.555.8
14The Vikasa School6146.553.8
15Keshav Saraswati Vidya Mandir59.546.553
16Sundari Devi Saraswati Vidya Mandir4852.550.3
17Shri Brahmanand Vidya Mandir6630.548.3
18Sangolli Rayanna Sainik School384441
19Shri Motibhai R. Chaudhary Sagar Sainik School38.53436.3

Following chart represents Performance Ranking of New Sainik Schools in visual form.

Ranking of New Sainik Schools Feb24

Relevance of this Report

Some people might contest the logic behind creating this report on Ranking of New Sainik Schools in India. Apparently, this report is need of the hour. As parents gear up for e counselling of AISSEE 2024, a report clearly draws out performers from laggards. Schools which have invested in overall development of their cadets should be recognised & applauded. Using this report, we wish to broadcast a clear message to parents: Choose New Sainik Schools carefully for your child’s admission. Everything isn’t hunky-dory.

What next?

As e-Counselling and seat allocation process for All India Sainik School Entrance Exam (AISSEE 2024) approaches near, we recommend all interested parents to join following Telegram group for timely Sainik School updates.

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Performance Ranking of New Sainik Schools Feb24: FAQ’s

What New Sainik School is ranked top in India?

According to latest performance evaluations, Royal International Residential School (Sainik School Khara Khari) is ranked top among all New Sainik Schools.

Are New Sainik Schools good for admission?

Interested parents must plan a visit to school campus of NSS’s & engage in a detailed conversation with School management about all aspects of student development before reaching decision for admission.