Sainik School East Siang Class 9 Entrance Exam Syllabus

Sainik School east siang main gate

Sainik School East Siang, Arunachal Pradesh is one of the oldest & most popular Sainik School in our country. Aim of Sainik School East Siang is:
a) To prepare boys academically, physically and mentally for entry into the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, Pune.
b) To develop qualities of body, mind and character which will enable the young boys of today to become good & useful citizens of tomorrow.
c) To bring public school education within the reach of the common man.

In this post, we will explain about Sainik School East Siang Class 9 Entrance Exam Syllabus for all students who wish to Join Sainik School East Siang in upcoming academic session. For Sainik school East Siang latest Fee structure, Visit here.

East Siang Sainik School class 9 Mark Scheme

To perform well in Sainik School entrance exam, a child needs to have an accurate understanding of the kind & variety of questions which are usually asked in entrance test. For this, you can refer to our Popular ‘Trends in Sainik School exam papers‘ informative post here.

Class 9thTopicNo. of QuestionsMarks per QuestionTotal marks
Section AMathematics504200
Section BIntelligence25250
Section CEnglish25250
Section DGeneral Science25250
Section ESocial Science25250
Sainik School Class 9 Mark Scheme

Sainik School East Siang previous year exam papers pdf download

During our Sainik School Live preparation classes, we often recommend our students that the surest way to inch closer to your selection in Sainik School East Siang or albeit any other Sainik School is to go for a deep dive in its previous year question papers.
History repeats itself, so do exam papers. If you are looking to download Sainik School East Siang previous year exam papers, Please visit following two links:
1) Download via our popular blog post. Pdf Available here.
2) Download via our Telegram Channel. Pdf Available here.

SS East Siang Class 9 Maths Syllabus

As you observed in Sainik School Class 9 mark scheme, 50 Questions from maths portion are asked carrying 4 marks per question totalling to 200 mark weightage. Good sustained preparation is required to score high in Maths portion.

S NoTopicsS NoTopics
1Rational Numbers16Average, Median, Mode
2Linear Equations in One Variable17Probability
3Understanding Quadrilaterals18Pie Chart
4Data Handling (Bar Graph and Line Graph)19Direct & Inverse Proportions
5Squares and Square Roots20Factorizations
6Cubes and Cube Roots21Introduction to Graph
7Comparing Quantities (Percentage, Profit and Loss)22Unitary Method
8Algebraic Expressions and Identities23Divisibility Exam
9Area and Perimeters24Triangles (Angle Sum Property)
10Volumes and Surface Areas25Parallel Lines
11Exponents and Powers26Simple Interestand Compound Interest
12Playing with Numbers27Time and Work
13Visualizing Solid Shapes28Area and Perimeter of Circles
14Triangles (Pythagoras Theorem)29Algebraic Expression using VBODMAS
15Euler’s Formula

SS East Siang Class 9 General Science Syllabus

General Science has 25 questions worth 2 marks each in Sainik School entrance exam. To be honest, scope of questions from following chapters can be really vast. If you are looking for Guidance on how to crack Sainik School exam, you can connect with ‘Sainik School cadet’ team.

S NoTopicsS NoTopics
1Fossil Fuel: Coal and Petroleum14Micro-Organisms
2Combustion and Flame15Some Natural Phenomenon
3Cell Structure and Function16How to find calorific value of fuel?
4Reproduction in Plants And Animals17Electroplating and Artificial Jewellery
5Force, Friction and Pressure18Relation between types of friction.
6Sound and its basics19Cropping Seasons
7Reflection and Dispersion of Light20Agricultural Practices
8Metals and Non Metals21Conservation of Plants And Animals
9Synthetic Fibres and Plastics22Biosphere Reserves, National Parks and Sanctuaries
10Chemical Effects of Electric Current23Reaching the age of Adolescence
11Stars and Solar Systems24Changes during Puberty
12Pollution of Air and Water25Endocrine Glands and Hormones
13Global Warming
Sainik School class 9 Syllabus

Sainik School East Siang Cut-off marks

Parent’s & student’s are usually very curious to know about Sainik Schools previous year cut-off marks. We have prepared an in-depth report which can help you understand Sainik School East Siang cut off marks very easily. You can assess it here.

East Siang Sainik School Class 9 Reasoning Syllabus

Reasoning subject sometimes known as Intelligence Subject has 25 questions worth 2 marks each in Sainik School entrance exam. Reasoning is very important as a subject in Sainik School East Siang Class 9 Entrance Exam Syllabus & good performance brings a student closer to selection.

S NoTopicsS NoTopics
1Analogy14Non-Verbal Classification
2Classification15Non-Verbal Series
3Series16Mirror & Water Images
4Coding & Decoding17Embedded Figures
5Logical Sequence18Odd One out
6Number & Ranking
7Mathematical Operations
8Blood Relation
9Direction Sense
10Logical Venn Diagram
11Clock & Calendar
12Sitting Arrangement
13Non-Verbal Analogy

SS East Siang Class 9 Social Science Syllabus

‘Social Science’ for Sainik School entrance exam class 9 entry is one of those subjects which test depth of understanding of social issues. To get latest study material for General Knowledge portion for All India Sainik School Entrance Exam 2024, you can download ‘Sainikschoolcadet’ app.
In total 25 questions worth 2 marks each are asked. Total weightage of ‘General Knowledge’ in Sainik School Entrance Exam 2024 is 50 Marks. Sainik school Social Science exam topics are following:

S NoTopicsS NoTopics
1Revolt of 185720Interior of Earth
2Freedom Fighters21Climate Change
3Important Freedom Movements22Earthquakes and Major Land Forms
4Social and Caste Reforms23Types of Rainfall
5Resources and sustainable development24Major Grasslands
6Rock cycle of water cycle25Types of Forests
7Pressure and Wind System26Means of Transport
8Land Soil and Water Resources27Communication
9Minerals and Power Resources28Life in deserts
10Indian Constitution and Secularism29Panchayat System
11Importance of Parliament30Local Self Government
12Types of Agriculture31Law and Social Justice.
13Types of Government and Differenttiers of Government32Judiciary and Criminal Justice System
14Understanding Markets33Marginalisation
15Elections34Public Facilities
16Role of Governmentin Health35Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
17Delhi Sultanate36Industries
18Mughals37Human Resources
19Bhakti and Sufi Movement38Changes in the Arts

Sainik School East Siang Class 9 English Syllabus

English subject has 25 questions worth 2 marks each in Sainik School East Siang entrance exam. As we mentioned earlier, first step in ensuring your selection in Sainik School East Siang is to understand Sainik School East Siang Class 9 Entrance Exam Syllabus really well. Observe following table for English syllabus.

S NoTopicsS NoTopics
1Spotting Errors17Sentence Improvement
2Comprehension Passage18Change of sentence as directed
3Antonyms19Sentence Formation
4Synonyms20Types of Sentences
5Prepositions21Phrase and Clauses
6Articles22Kinds of Noun
7Types of Verbs23Adjectives
8Tense Form24Interjection
9Narration25Question Tags
12Confusing Words28Conditions
13Subject-Verb Agreement29Comparison of Adjectives
14Correct Spellings30Personal Pronoun
15Order of words in a sentence31Change of Gender
16Idioms and Phrases32Change of Number

Sainik School East Siang admission Timeline

To prepare for Sainik School East Siang admission, a student must keep track of admission timeline. Following is the usual timeline for Sainik School application, entrance exam & Admissions. Please note this is a tentative timeline and may change as per newest guidelines by National Testing Agency (NTA).

  • Sainik School Application form release and Registration : August/September
  • Last date to apply for AISSEE: One month after initial date of release of application forms
  • Correction of details in Application form : 3 day window (almost 45 days after 1st day of application forms release)
  • AISSEE admit card : December
  • Sainik School Exam (AISSEE) : 1st Sunday, January
  • Answer key of AISSEE : 1st Week, February
  • Release of Score Card : Last week, February
  • 1st round of All India Sainik Schools Counselling + Medical : 1st Week, March

Sainik School East Siang Coaching Classes

Dabad Academy is top name for Sainik School East Siang Coaching classes. We have delivered excellent selections in previous Sainik School entrance exams. If you are looking for Sainik School Coaching Classes, then download ‘Sainik School Cadet’ app from Google Playstore using this link. This app is top choice of students from across the country for Sainik School Live classes.

FAQ: Sainik School East Siang Class 9 Entrance Exam Syllabus

How can i get admission in class 9th in Sainik School East Siang?

For admission in class 9th entry in Sainik School East Siang a child needs to attempt All India Sainik School Entrance Exam & perform well in multiple choice question based entrance exam.

What are the sports facilities at Sainik School East Siang?

Sainik School East Siang has well developed sports playgrounds for hockey, football, basketball, volleyball & other training areas which cater to overall development of cadets.

Is Sainik School East Siang good?

Yes. Joining Sainik School East Siang can be right step if you wish to join Indian Armed Forces in officer cadre.

Can girls apply for class 9th admission in Sainik School East Siang?

No. For class 9th entry only, girls cannot apply yet for admission in Sainik School East Siang.

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