Sainik School Bijapur celebrates its Annual Science Exhibition 2023

As part of Ongoing Diamond Jubilee Celebrations SS Bijapur Hosts 2 day Science Exhibition

Sainik School News: Sainik School Bijapur Karnataka proudly hosted its Annual Science Exhibition, an event that showcased the immense talent and innovative spirit of the students. The school opened its doors to nearby schools from all over Vijayapura on the 17th and 18th of August, inviting them to witness the ongoing Mega Diamond Jubilee Science Exhibition.

The cadets of Sainik School Bijapur left no stone unturned in presenting an inspiring display of scientific marvels. The exhibition featured a wide array of exhibits, ranging from intricate models and experiments to interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities. Student’s from nearby 16 schools were also given a tour of the science park located in campus of Sainik School Bijapur.

Sainik School Bijapur celebrates annual Science exhibition 2023-24

One of the highlights of the Sainik School Bijapur annual Science exhibition was the inclusion of “Space on Wheels” by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation). This mobile exhibition showcased the extraordinary advancements made by ISRO in the field of space exploration and technology. Students had the unique opportunity to explore and interact with the exhibits that highlighted India’s remarkable achievements in space.

The exhibition not only provided a platform for the students to showcase their scientific prowess but also inspired and ignited the curiosity of over 2000 students from 16 different schools who visited the event. The young visitors were enthralled by the interactive exhibits, engaging presentations, and informative sessions conducted by the students of Sainik School Bijapur.

Sainik School Bijapur is currently headed by Group Captain Pratibha Bisht (Air Force Education Branch) who is taking all important initiatives to groom young kids for entry into National Defence Academy.

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