Sainik School Gopalganj Fee Structure

Complete details of Sainik School Gopalganj, Bihar 2023-24 Fee Structure

Sainik School Gopalganj Fees

Sainik School Gopalganj Bihar was established on 12 October 2003. Sainik School Gopalganj is situated at its temporary location at Hathwa Raj Guest House, Hathwa, Gopalganj District in Bihar. The nearest Railway Station is Siwan Jn which is 20 Km away from the School. Nearest Airport is at Patna at a distance of 195 km. The School is spread over an area of eleven acres. Before reading about Fee Structure at Sainik School Gopalganj, Bihar have a look at scholarship offered at Sainik School Gopalganj.

Sainik School Gopalganj Scholarship details

Sainik Schools offer generous scholarships to all eligible students from class 6th to 12th. Scholarship is provided on the basis of Income & category of student’s parent’s. We have written a very informative blog post with complete details of Scholarship at Sainik Schools. You can read it here. To download free Previous year Sainik School Gopalganj entrance exam papers for class 6 and class 9 click here.

Sainik School Gopalganj Fee Structure for 2023-24 Session

Tuition fee for SC/ST Category in Sainik School Gopalganj 2023 (New Admission Cadets) is Rs 1,46,841.

Tuition fee for General Category in Sainik School Gopalganj 2023 (New Admission Cadets) is Rs 1,46,841.

Tuition fee for old cadets in Sainik School Gopalganj 2023 is Rs 1,45,341.

Sainik School Gopalganj Main Building

Sainik School Gopalganj Online Classes

To Join Online Classes for Sainik School Gopalganj Admission preparation, you can download “Sainik School Cadet” app. It has complete mock tests, live classes & other resources to help you perform really well in All India Sainik School entrance exam. You can download “Sainik School Cadet” app using this link.

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