Seats for Class 6 Boys in Sainik Schools 2024

If you preparing for All India Sainik Schools entrance exam then it is very important to know as to how many seats are offered in your Target Sainik School. Number of seats in class 6 is much greater than number of seat in class 9 entrance exam. In this article, we will cover Seats for Class 6 Boys in Sainik Schools 2024. Reading this in detail will help you make an informed decision. Download Sainik School OMR practice sheet here. To apply for Sainik School Online application form, Visit here. For Sainik School Class 6 girls seats, Read here.

How many seats does each Sainik School have for class 6 Boys?

For AISSEE 2024, following table contains the total number of seats available in each Old Sainik School for Class 6 boys. For your ease of understanding we have arranged it in descending order of number of seats. This table is for Academic session 2024-25. For Sainik School Class 9 boys seats visit here.

Sainik School NameSeat for Class 6 BoysSainik School NameSeat for Class 6 Boys
Sainik School Imphal111Sainik School Amethi70
Sainik School Bijapur108Sainik School Goalpara70
Sainik School Kapurthala108Sainik School Gopalganj70
Sainik School Punglwa108Sainik School Jhansi70
Sainik School Tilaiya106Sainik School Rewari70
Sainik School Amaravathinagar104Sainik School Sambalpur70
Sainik School Chandrapur95Sainik School Korukonda68
Sainik School Kalikiri95Sainik School Kazhakootam64
Sainik School Ambikapur90Sainik School Nalanda62
Sainik School Balachadi90Sainik School Chhingchhip60
Sainik School Chittorgarh90Sainik School Ghorakhal60
Sainik School Jhunjhunu90Sainik School Purulia60
Sainik School Kunjpura90Sainik School Sujanpur Tira60
Sainik School Satara90Sainik School Nagrota55
Sainik School Bhubaneswar80Sainik School Rewa54
Sainik School Kodagu80Sainik School East Siang50
Sainik School Mainpuri80

Sainik School Class 6 distribution of Seats Category wise

Following table contains in detail data of all 33 Sainik Schools and number of seats per category in each Sainik School. For example, Sainik School Amaravathinagar has following distribution of seats in various categories:
Home SC = 10
Home ST = 5
Home OBC NCL = 19
Home Defence = 9
Home General = 27
Other State SC = 5
Other State ST = 3
Other State OBC NCL = 9
Other State Defence = 4
Other State General = 13

You can make a similar chart of number of seats as per you first choice of Sainik School. For Sainik School Online Crash course, you can download this app. Report on Seats for Class 6 Boys in Sainik Schools 2024.

Prepared by SainikSchoolCadet AppHomeHomeHomeHomeHomeHomeOther StateOSOSOSOSOS
Name of Sainik SchoolSCSTOBC NCLDefenceGeneralTotal SeatsSCSTOBC NCLDefenceGeneralTotal SeatsGrand Total
Sainik School Amaravathinagar105199277053941334104
Sainik School Ambikapur9417824624183122890
Sainik School Amethi731461949316292170
Sainik School Balachadi9417824624183122890
Sainik School Bhubaneswar8415622554173102580
Sainik School Bijapur1151992771531051437108
Sainik School Chandrapur10517824645284123195
Sainik School Chhingchhip631151540325372060
Sainik School Chittorgarh9417824624183122890
Sainik School East Siang02082535214261550
Sainik School Ghorakhal631251642215281860
Sainik School Goalpara731461949316292170
Sainik School Gopalganj731461949316292170
Sainik School Imphal1162092874531051437111
Sainik School Jhansi731461949316292170
Sainik School Jhunjhunu9417824624183122890
Sainik School Kalikiri10517824645284123195
Sainik School Kapurthala11019113172531051336108
Sainik School Kazhakootam631251844316282064
Sainik School Kodagu8415720544273102680
Sainik School Korukonda731351947316292168
Sainik School Kunjpura9017927624183122890
Sainik School Mainpuri8415622554173102580
Sainik School Nagrota531051437315271855
Sainik School Nalanda631251743315281962
Sainik School Punglwa050185174521041334108
Sainik School Purulia631151540325372060
Sainik School Rewa531041436315271854
Sainik School Rewari701472149316292170
Sainik School Sambalpur731461949316292170
Sainik School Satara9417824624183122890
Sainik School Sujanpur Tira631251642215281860
Sainik School Tilaiya115199277153951335106

For free Sainik School Previous year exam papers visit here. For Sainik School important documents list visit here. Report: Seats for Class 6 Boys in Sainik Schools 2024.

Seats for Class 6 Boys in Sainik Schools 2024: FAQ’s

Which Sainik School has greatest number of seats for class 6 boys in 2024?

Sainik School Imphal has posted greatest number of seats for class 6 boys in 2024.

Does each Sainik School have same number of seats in 2024?

No. Each Sainik School has different number of seats for both boys & girls in home state & other state categories. Refer to above tables for accurate figures.

How many seats are there for class 6 boys in Sainik School Kunjpura?

For AISSEE 2024, Sainik School Kunjpura has 90 seats for class 6 boys admission.

Sainik School Coaching Classes details

Sainik SchoolSainik School
Sainik School Kalikiri Andhra Pradesh Coaching ClassesSainik School Gopalganj Bihar Coaching Classes
Sainik School Korukonda Andhra Pradesh Coaching ClassesSainik School Goalpara Assam Coaching Classes
Sainik School Nalanda Bihar Coaching ClassesSainik School Balachadi Gujarat Coaching Classes
Sainik School Ambikapur Chhattisgarh Coaching ClassesSainik School Rewari Haryana Coaching Classes
Sainik School Kunjpura Haryana Coaching ClassesSainik School Nagrota Jammu and Kashmir Coaching Classes
Sainik School Sujanpur Tira Himachal Pradesh Coaching ClassesSainik School Kazhakootam Kerala Coaching Classes
Sainik School Tilaiya Jharkhand Coaching ClassesSainik School Mainpuri Uttar Pradesh Coaching Classes
Sainik School Rewa Madhya Pradesh Coaching ClassesSainik School Jhansi Uttar Pradesh Coaching Classes
Sainik School Imphal Manipur Coaching ClassesSainik School Sambalpur Odisha Coaching Classes
Sainik School Bhubaneswar Odisha Coaching ClassesSainik School Chittorgarh Rajasthan Coaching Classes
Sainik School Kapurthala Punjab Coaching ClassesSainik School Amaravathinagar Tamil Nadu Coaching Classes
Sainik School Jhunjhunu Rajasthan Coaching ClassesSainik School Purulia West Bengal Coaching Classes
Sainik School Ghorakhal Uttarakhand Coaching ClassesSainik School Punglwa Nagaland Coaching Classes
Sainik School East Siang Arunachal Pradesh Coaching ClassesSainik School Bijapur Karnataka Coaching Classes
Sainik School Kodagu Karnataka Coaching ClassesSainik School Satara Maharashtra Coaching Classes
Sainik School Chandrapur Maharashtra Coaching ClassesSainik School Chhingchhip Mizoram Coaching Classes
Sainik School Amethi Uttar Pradesh Coaching Classes

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Sainik School East Siang Arunachal Pradesh Admission InformationSainik School Bijapur Karnataka Admission Information
Sainik School Kodagu Karnataka Admission InformationSainik School Satara Maharashtra Admission Information
Sainik School Chandrapur Maharashtra Admission InformationSainik School Chhingchhip Mizoram Admission Information
Sainik School Amethi Uttar Pradesh Admission Information